H & R Yacht

H & R Yacht needed to redo the companies youtube and as a Graphic designer for them. I have created a web banner that can be used on mobile, tv and computer.

The first image is the banner itself. The following image is how it will look while using it.

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RomDom screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-7-12-48-pmA school project I did for Advanced motion graphics. We had to use adobe after effects for video editing and adobe audition to edit the music. I genuinely enjoyed doing this I always had interested in learning adobe after effects now I hope to pursue more projects using these projects.

The Huggable

I have reworked my initial designs. I reworked the logo into something entirely different to better suite the Huggables image.  The animated logo has been redone along with everything else to support the logo change. I have used illustrator for the logo, envelope, business cards, package design and the letterhead. I have used photoshop for the guerilla marketing and the ads. I have also used adobe after effects for the animated logo. If you click Here you will be able to view it.

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