Project Cycle

Web design

Landing page and mock up for the future website. I have used photoshop for this design.


Logo Designs to be used on merchandise sold. I have used illustrator for this design.

I worked as an intern for a non profit organization against sex trafficking. The goal was to create designs that could help them on the journey to stopping the world wide issue of sex trafficking.


M&S construction

My client wanted a landing page and an about page designed for a family oriented, hard working and experienced construction company. I have highlighted M&S construction using pictures of their jobs that have been taken. I properly explaining what they are capable and why they are fully capable. After doing this I am able to put it into a stylish design that will attract future customers for M&S construction.


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My client requested I create a elegant label for her packages that would be sold on amazon. These products included shower gels and perfumes. She wanted to keep the colors to a silver and green and needed the design to wrap around the products. My client also wanted to a feminine floral design. I have taken these idea. I moved forward by using different shades of green and silver keeping in mind to make the “grandparfums” logo. I decided to use the design design on the sides of the shield to make it wrap around the products.

H & R Yacht

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H & R Yacht needed to redo the companies youtube and as a Graphic designer for them. I have created a web banner that can be used on mobile, tv and computer.

The first image is the banner itself. The following image is how it will look while using it.


RomDom screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-7-12-48-pmA school project I did for Advanced motion graphics. We had to use adobe after effects for video editing and adobe audition to edit the music. I genuinely enjoyed doing this I always had interested in learning adobe after effects now I hope to pursue more projects using these projects.